Mobile Financial services

With simplified access to telco infrastructure, we use our powerful SMS, USSD, Voice, Airtime and Payments APIs to build and sustain scalable businesses of customers.

We help design a variety of communication and payments gateways for our customers and everything they need that are everything you need to have a high impact mobile engagement solutions. Our platform allows our clients businesses to have a huge customer engagement experiences without the complexity that comes from working directly with mobile operators.

Automated Payments

We can help you build reliable merchant solutions that leverage our platform for connectivity to payment providers. We can also help integrate invoicing and receipting solutions for an enhanced customer and merchant experience.

Sweep Functionality

Set up times to automatically sweep money from your payments wallet to a phone number or bank account

Real time Analytics

We slice and dice payments data along multiple dimensions to give you insights into the performance of your business.

Mobile Checkout

This allows you to initiate C2B transactions by sending USSD - push requests to your customers’ devices. This lets them make payment without needing to leave your application or remember payment procedures.

Unified Payments Wallet

We provide a centralised wallet that aggregates all your funds in one place, making it easy to manage and add transparency.

Mobile Business to Consumer(B2C)

Send money to your customers mobile wallets at the same time. Our platform receive and process your multiple requests concurrently.

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