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EduCat is the easiest and most secured School Management Software that encompasses all school needs. We address specific challenges with capturing data, paperwork, stress, giving speed to teaching and learning activities, working effectively with it to improve every area of school operations. Its scalable innovations are fully customized to meet individual school’s specification.


Admission processing with little or no IT Skills, registration, payment, selection and matriculation.


Parent pay school fee to schools on Mobile app and Web via a simple link. EduCAT also support cash, teller and bankdraft methods, interfacing with all local and international banks.


Through its super, incredible content-generation algorithm, it delivers personalized learning for Students and Educators.


Our Enterprise resource management tools will help automate most of your estate needs. From resource management to levy collection to bill payments to facility monitoring, we have got you covered. The best part is, IT’S FULLY CUSTOMIZATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS.

Rent Collection

Automate rent collection on your estate, tenants can pay rents making rent collection faster and smoother. serve notices and and monitor revenue flow with our powerful management tools.

Bill Payments

Automate bill collection for all residents in your estate and track payments all from one powerful management tool. Our ERP offers the best of for your residents as the can lodge complaints and you can track resolutions.

Facility Management

Manage your estates resources with our complete suite of estate tools. Resolve complaints and monitor work done on any part of your facility


Try our all in one business management tool to scale your business and increase revenue while cutting down management cost. 

All in one

Our Business ERP gives you everything you want in an enterprise solution. From accounting to Sales, Payroll, Human resource and lots more.


Our ERP uses several security layers so that you can rest easy know you business is always up and running somewhere in the cloud.


Automate almost any part of your business process. With our ERP, you business can run itself with almost minimal input from you or your employees.

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